Basic Principles and Rules

1. Information about applications, examinations and the announcement of results can be found on All announcements made on this webpage can be regarded as official notices.

2. Applications must be made online. Applications made in person or by post will not be accepted.

3. By applying to take the AKDENİZ YÖS examination, the applicant accepts all the conditions detailed in this guide, and all relevant announcements made on the website.

4. AKDENİZ YÖS examination results are valid for a period of 1 year.

5. AKDENİZ YÖS results are taken into consideration for applications for Undergraduate and/or Associate Degree programmes. AKDENİZ YÖS results are not accepted for transfer and/or graduate degree programmes.

6. For AKDENİZ YÖS-2020, all statements made by candidates supporting their applications will be assumed to be full and truthful. Any candidate who supplies incomplete or false information will have his or her examination results invalidated.

7. Application fees cannot be transferred to the following year’s examination. The application fee will not be repaid in the following cases; where candidates do not attend the examination even though the application fee has been paid, where the candidate’s application is invalid or the examination requirements have not been fulfilled, for candidates who are disallowed from taking the examination or ejected from the examination, for candidates who fail the examination or candidates whose examination result is declared invalid, for candidates who have paid a fee when payment has not been required or requested. Applications will be rejected if the application fee has not been paid.

8. Akdeniz University is not responsible for dealing with issues which include; scholarship, living expenses, accommodation and residence permits for international student candidates. It is the responsibility of individual international student to deal with passport requirements, visas, and the granting of permission to go abroad.