Examination Contents (Basic Learning Skills Test)

1.AKDENIZ YÖS-2020 consists of multiple choice questions which test Basic Learning Skills. All the international student candidates are obliged to take the Basic Learning Skills test.

2.The Basic Learning Skills Test includes 80 questions, consisting of questions on General Ability, Mathematics, and Geometry questions.

3.In Basic Learning Skills Test, for each candidate 3 different score types are assessed, namely Mathematics, General Ability and Equal Weight scores. Candidates are eligible to select their preferred diploma programmes from those on the quota list, if their scores on the different sections of the examination are compatible with the requirements of the programme.


A.Diagrammatic reasoning questions

-Figure analogies
-Figure sequences
-Figure matrices
-Reflection, rotation, folding and cutting of figures
-Counting figures and blocks, related operations
-Dice and cube questions
-Nets of solid figures

B.Numerical reasoning questions

-Number sequences
-Binary operations
-Number-figure relations

C.Reasoning questions related to networks, data graphics and charts


-Basic operations on numbers
-Basic operations on algebraic expressions
-Complex numbers
-Limit and continuity
-Analytic geometry