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Application Procedures

1. Applications both within the country and from abroad for the AKDENİZ YÖS examination will only be accepted between January 14th and April 09th 2019 on the AKDENİZ YÖS online application system(http://yos.akdeniz.edu.tr/)Any application made outside this period will not be accepted.

2. Candidates must create a new user account, and get a username and password by registering with the application system. (Candidates who have a user account previously may log in with their former user names and passwords.)

3. If, when creating a new account, the candidate gives false or incomplete information, any consequences which follow as a result of this mistake will be deemed to be the sole responsibility of the candidate. Candidates should write their identity information in the designated field and must write their names in full without using abbreviations.

4. Candidates must upload to the place indicated a recent photograph on which the candidate’s face is clearly recognizable in the required format. This photograph will be used when issuing the examination entrance document, the examination results document, the student registration card and the student identity card. Applications will not be accepted if the candidate does not fulfil any of these conditions.

5. The username and password of the candidate should be saved carefully because this information will be needed for all transactions for the Akdeniz YÖS examination, and for all online transactions with Akdeniz University.

6. Payment of Application Fee;The application fee, which is determined according to the location of the examination centre chosen by the candidate, must be paid using the ‘candidate number’ and ‘name and surname’, to the bank account listed below between January 14th and April 09th, 2019

a) Account/IBAN No: Dollar Account: Akdeniz Üniversitesi Şubesi: TR920001002167405079305819

Euro Account: Akdeniz Üniversitesi Şubesi: TR650001002167405079305820

TL Account: Akdeniz Üniversitesi Şubesi: TR220001002167405079305818

b) Additional information for payments coming from outside Turkey; SWIFT Code: TCZBTR2A

7. After paying the application fee, candidates should upload a scanned copy of their bank receipt (in jpg, bmp, gif or png format) to the Application System and enter Receipt Number and Date into spaces provided.

8. After approval of the bank receipt by the university officials, applications will be marked; ‘Application has been confirmed’.