About rejected application

1) What is High School Diploma Degree Verification Document?

a) Diploma Degree (Graduation Score or CGPA) is vitally important for your application approval.

b) If your high scohol diploma or your high school transcript was not specified your diploma degree (graduation score or CGPA), your application will not be accepted. It will be rejected.

c) This document must be obtained from the high school headmaster in your own country and use it for your application.

ç) You may upload this document on the place specified for Diploma Verification Document.
Notarized Turkish Translation is obligatory for all the documents submitted for application.

2) Why my application was rejected?

If you have any missing/wrong document your application will be rejected.

Please check the possible errors listed below and upload the correct document to the system within the application dates.

a) High School Diploma or Transcript was not included the Diploma Degree (Graduation Score or CGPA)

b) Notarized Turkish Translation of High School Diploma or Transcript was not included the Diploma Degree (Graduation Score or CGPA)

c) Any of the document uploaded to the system was not included the Diploma Degree (Graduation Score or CGPA).

IMPORTANT NOTE: The candidates whose application was rejected must check the Missing/Wrong documents and uploaded them until September 7, 2020 (until 17.00 Turkish Time).

***Please do not wait for the last date for submission of your documents. For missing or wrong documents, candidates will not be given extension of time after the application dates has been closed.

3) Is High School Diploma Equivalency obligatory?

a) High School Diploma Equivalency is not obligatory for online application.

b) If your equivalency certificate includes the Diploma Degree (Graduation Score or CGPA), you may submit it instead of Diploma degree Verification Document (One of them is sufficient)

c) Equivalency certificate will be submitted at the moment of final registration period from the candidates who were placed to any diploma programme after preference process.

4) Do I have to pay for online application process?

a) Online Application is free of charge for all the international student candidates who would like to study associate or undergraduate programme at Akdeniz University.

b) Candidates are strictly recommended to follow the application process on the Akdeniz University official website: yos.akdeniz.edu.tr